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The dining experience at Ravine Lodge Livingstone is a highlight of your stay, carefully curated for you to sample the flavors of Zambia and international favorites while enjoying every meal. In our cozy restaurant, every meal is a celebration, with each dish prepared to perfection and plated with passion.

Our menu features a wide variety, all cooked to perfection and served with love. For breakfast, savor a hearty buffet with an array of continental and full English dishes. Lunch and dinner are served as three-course meals with a starter, entrée, and dessert from selected choices that fuse local recipes and international culinary art.

Special meals are also provided on request before guest arrivals to ensure that everyone enjoys a personalized dining experience. The restaurant’s architecture also reflects Zambia’s natural beauty and culture, featuring a traditionally thatched roof and other artisanal accents that create a welcoming ambience.

Large windows envelop the dining area, allowing for sustainable light and room to enjoy the lush gardens around our lodge and transforming every meal into a piece of art. You can call and order your meal served on the terrace while you enjoy the wilderness breezes. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for one under the stars or a rejuvenating morning coffee beside nature, there’s no better immersive venue than our restaurant!

At Ravine Lodge, dining is not merely about eating; it is an adventure that follows you on your journey.